We love our Texel sheep for what they bring to our farm's ecosystem, as well as to our plates. We use intensive rotational grazing for all our livestock, and with the sheep this helps tremendously with parasites. We do worm as needed using FAMACHA, and all our sheep receive CD&T vaccination. 


We believe that ruminant animals (sheep included) cannot survive with a diet high in grains. Fermenting grains upsets the acid base balance in the rumen, and ultimately compromises the animal's health. While you can feed limited amounts of grain we have found that there is no need! Our ewes lamb with no supplementation unless there are signs of ketosis in the ewe (which we have never had) in which case we would first start with Alfalfa pellets. As for the lambs we have found that on grass and mothers milk we have daily rates of gain >0.5lb which is above the average!



We provide high quality Texel sires for purebred and commercial flocks alike. We breed for a more natural cycle with our breeding season usually starting around Thanksgiving, and lambs hitting the ground mid April. We do try to keep some yearling stock for producers who need an older ram whether due to the size of the ewe or the size of the flock. Please contact us regarding availability. 

Pricing does depend on genetics, but my baseline price is $600-800/ram which includes the cost for a vet health certificate for travel. Delivery/shipping can usually be arranged (this is at the buyers expense). 




As the foundation of my flock I am constantly improving my ewe quality. I strive for hearty and healthy moms who raise outstanding lambs on grass. I want a low input flock that produces a consistent product meeting the high quality demands of my customers.

Last year we introduced New Zealand/British genetics, and were extremely pleased with the resulting lambs.

This Fall we bred using AI some imported Texel semen from two Scottish rams: Glenway Yellowstone and Grougfoot Wizard. We are thrilled both to introduce diverse genetics to our flock, but also to offer those interested in purebred stock a genetic choice. Stay tuned! 

My ewe availability varies, however when I do have ewes available my price is $550/ewe which (as with the rams) includes the cost for a vet health certificate.




Current Availability:

I currently have two yearling rams born late Spring 2018. They have 50% foreign genetics. I currently own their sire - and will be keeping him for the time being. I can send pictures and genetic information. They are $800 each and will be sent with a health cert.

I also have ram lambs born May 2019 from three different sires to give you options and genetic diversity.

Contact me at for more information.