Constantly Improving - Onward, and Upward!

Growing food for our communities should be all about working together to meet a need, and grow our businesses. We hope you can learn from us, and that we can offer you some helpful tips. The way we do things here at SouthView is not the only way, it may not even be the best way! We are constantly learning and growing at this thing called farming. We wish you the very best in your journey!



I listen to podcasts all the time. Usually it's while I'm moving fences that I have my phone in my pocket. Nothing like multitasking! :-) Here are my favorites!

- Farmer to Farmer with Chris Blanchard (I never knew how much I could learn from veg growers!)

- Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

- Pastured Poultry Talks

- Grassfed Life


- Body Suits: Amazing coveralls - their winter suit keeps me warm on the coldest days, and they are made for women!

- Premier One: We use their electronet fencing, sheep supplies, and more. They consistently carry high quality equipment. 

- Kencove: I usually buy my poly-braid from here, along with my reels, and fiberglass polls.

- Pallets: wooden pallets have been my friend more times than not! Look for free or cheap sources near you. We use them to stack our hay on, to build lambing jugs, etc.

- YouTube!! You can pretty much find information about anything here. I love channels like Justin Rhodes, Cornell Small Farms, Scott Rea Project, etc

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  • Sheep! - This is a magazine offers sheep focused articles and resources

  • The Grass Farmer - Focused on grass based production systems this resource is possibly my favorite read. It addresses all livestock producers, from cattle to swine and offers innovative and thought provoking articles.

  • On Pasture - an online magazine of sorts On Pasture is a wonderful resource

Things I am so glad I bought…

  • My Kiwi Crook from Premier1. I’m not sure how I caught sheep before, but this helps everyone stay more calm and relaxed.

  • My electric tea kettle - I have used this this to defrost meds, make lamb bottles, wash my hands and so much more! I love having a quick easy way to heat water in the barn!

  • Solar Fence Charger - I used deep cycle batteries and jerry-rigged a system until last year when I bought some solar fence chargers with built in ground rods - It made my life so much easier!