Let a chicken be a Chicken!

The first batch of pasture raised chickens will be ready for your freezer in a few short weeks! 

Get your pre-order form filled out and submitted so you get what you need before they are sold out!

We will have two more batches this Summer, so on your order form you can indicate when you would like some or all of your birds. 

Unlike the chicken you get from the grocery store our birds are truly an artisanal product. Hand raised takes time and energy, but we feel that what you get in turn is worth it! Sun, fresh air, green grass, and activity.

Letting the chicken be a chicken gives you food that tastes amazing, and provides your body with a source of healthy protein. 

Get ordered today, or visit us at the Sayre Farmers Market on Friday between 10am-2pm

We look forward to talking chicken with you