Happy New Year

I sure hope that you are off to a great new year! Somehow a new year is always a little bitter sweet for me (I don't know about you), but I do look forward to the new adventures each new year brings. 

Here on the farm we are hoping to be awarded some grant money this year to allow us to finish our perimeter fencing. This will make our daily rotations a bit easier, and also give the animals some protection from coyotes and bear. I love to share the farm with wildlife, but we do all have to play nicely together :-) 

A bit of a different projects is that I am also looking forward to working on opening up our woods, and creating more of a grassy savannah where we can graze our animals, and have natural shade. This will make the woods more usable to animals and people - it will be a lovely place to walk!

As far as the creatures themselves - this year we are still building our cattle herd, so every heifer calf (girl baby) we get is exciting. This year is the year of "F" names according to the Dexter breed. They have certain letters for each year to help you remember when calves were born. We would love to hear your name suggestions (for boys or girls) in the comments, and as we have calves I will announce the chosen names with their pictures!

Happy New Years to each and every one of you. Whether you are enjoying black eyed peas or pork and sauerkraut thank you for sharing your year with us!

Until later,