Dexter Cattle

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Why Dexters...

While Dexter cattle may seem like a fad to some, for us they have been an answer to several problems. Larger cows need larger handling equipment, more feed, and can be more destructive. While there are pros to larger cattle, for our operation Dexters are a great fit and allow specie (cows, sheep, etc) diversification which we believe is healthiest for our farm.

An example of how this diversity works: sheep parasites are a huge issue in the industry with wormer resistance becoming a bigger and bigger issue. Cows break the cycle of parasites as they are not hosts for the same parasites as sheep. Ultimately, this decreases the worm load on our pastures, and improves our animal health. 

We do not currently have any available breeding stock for sale, however we are working towards having a limited supply - so join our email list if you would like to stay updated. 

We do breed for polled animals, that do not carry any chromosomal abnormalities (there are two main abnormalities within the breed). For more information contact us!